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PocketDock: the alternative to Dock + firewire or USB cable

With the elimination of the dock and the Firewire cable from all versions of iPod many readers are looking for an alternative and possibly more economical solution that further contributes to the overall price reduction without having to cancel it with the purchase of accessories.

The German SendStation has for some time added two new versions to its original PocketDock.

PocketDock a very small adapter for iPods with that thin connector ormani commonly called "ipod Dock" (present on iPods of third and fourth generation of 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 GB, iPod Photo, and iPod mini) with a Firewire socket standard 6-pole

After the success of the first adapter, two other models were released: PocketDock with audio output and PocketDock Combo. The only measurement variation concerns the disappearance of the two side buttons for hooking and a slight widening of the object, more for the second model mentioned.

The first proposes on the opposite side to the connector of the iPod dock, a FireWire socket and a stereo Line audio socket (non-amplified audio, so bypassing the iPod headphone output requires an amplifier to listen to this "cleaner" signal) mini-jack format, the second integrates the FireWire socket and adds the USB socket (ideal for Mac and Windows users), but not USB 2.

The PocketDock with audio output accompanied by a stereo mini-jack cable – 1.8 m double RCA: this model to all intents and purposes a miniaturized version of the iPod dock and for those who already own a firewire cable or a car power supply with Firewire it is an economical choice as the combined cost of Apple's bulkier dock (39 euros) and Firewire-dock cable (19 euros) is far greater than that of the compact PocketDock Firewire + Audio (which also includes audio cables ) (30-32 euros)

The price in Italy of PocketDock of 19 euros, the PocketDock Firewire with audio output costs 30-32 euros and the PocketDock Combo costs 23 euros.

The Italian distributor of SendStation American Dataline