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PirateBrowser how to access obscured sites

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<p>In Italy as in other countries, some sites have been blacked out as <strong>The Pirate Bay </strong>eTorrentReactor, to prevent users from accessing their search engines. This is the reason why it was launched a few days ago <strong>piratebrowser</strong>, which in three days was downloaded by more than 100,000 people. The new anti-censorship browser <strong>piratebrowser</strong>, whose debut coincided with the 10th anniversary of the launch of <strong>The Pirate Bay</strong>, proved to be more popular than imagined, reaching over 1,000 downloads per hour. A success not even expected by the guys from <strong>The Pirate Bay</strong>, which forced them to upgrade the downlink connection.</p><div class=

"I didn't think it could take hold so fast, "Said" Winston Brahma "by The Pirate Bay to TorrentFreak. "I think people want to see the websites that their governments and courts are trying to hide. "

piratebrowser consisting of a set of components – the browser of Firefox Portable with the addon FoxyProxy, the open network service Tor , and some customized settings – all designed to circumvent the censorship imposed on Internet users by some governments. The purpose of the browser, therefore, is to allow users to access all the websites that are obscured by the providers through the DNS. The most widespread countries are Iran, North Korea, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Italy and Ireland.

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<p>Who wants to favor only anonymous surfing on the web, does not address a browser like <strong>piratebrowser</strong>. <strong>The Pirate Bay</strong> explicitly states that his browser is not intended to maintain anonymity, but to circumvent the censorship that in some states block access to sites like the same <strong>The Pirate Bay</strong>.</p>
<p>"<em>It does not provide anonymity and is not safe to hide one's identity</em>"Said Winston Brahma to TorrentFreak. "<em><strong>piratebrowser</strong> it is only intended to circumvent the censorship and blocking of websites. If we had made the browser completely anonymous, it would only slow down browsing</em>. "</p>
<p>The new browser that can be downloaded from <strong>this link</strong>, currently only supports <strong>Windows</strong>, but Mac and Linux versions are planned for the near future. <strong>piratebrowser </strong>it does not require any installation and can also be launched from a USB key and furthermore The Pirate Bay guarantees that the browser is not infected with malware.</p>