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PC vehicle scanners: check license plate, insurance, overhaul

Vehicle scanner for PC

Have you decided to buy a used car from a dealer and want to check that everything is OK? Or did you get a vehicle registration number and want to check that it has paid insurance and stamp duty? From today you can perform this type of checks from your faithful computer, just use one of the sites that allow it vehicle scanner for PC. In this guide you will find the best websites to use via a computer browser and immediately check the license plate, RC Car insurance and vehicle tax.

PC vehicle scanners

In addition to apps for phones, there are several websites that allow you to control various aspects related to cars. Data that are all public, so it is absolutely legal to request some information on cars in circulation. Let's see how.

Check the number plates

PC vehicle scanners

By using this site it will be possible to carry out a preliminary check on the vehicle number plate, so as to check whether the information provided coincides with that indicated in the vehicle registration document. The free version of the site allows you to access a simplified report with some of the information useful for recognizing the vehicle, while with the paid version it is possible to obtain very detailed reports with lots of owner's history, historical revision and other useful information. With the free service you can make a maximum of 2 searches per day.

If you want to use this service, just go to the link below.

LINK | Check the number plates

Verification of RCA Insurance Coverage

PC vehicle scanners

Directly from the Motorist Portal it is possible to check the insurance coverage of any car or moped on Italian roads. Once the page has been opened, simply click on the type of vehicle to be checked and enter the information in possession (license plate, captcha and vehicle type) then click on Search to perform a check. If the insurance expires for the scanned vehicle you will know it immediately!

To use the service, just go to the following page. The free service does not require registration.

LINK | RCA insurance check

Last revision control

PC vehicle scanners

Not sure if the used vehicle you want to buy has the revised version? You can easily find out by visiting the review section of the vehicle PC scanner on the Motorist Portal. Simply select the type of vehicle, enter the license plate, fill in the Captcha and confirm using the button Search. Thanks to this site you will know if the license plate has passed the last revision and you will also know the deadline of the next one.

You can use the site for free without registration, just click on the link below.

LINK | Revision control

Car tax check

PC vehicle scanners

You can also check if the car tax was paid for a license plate, you just need to use the service provided by the Revenue Agency. Also in this case use the very simple service: enter the license plate, the region where the vehicle was registered, the type of vehicle and the year of payment, then click on View payments to see if a vehicle in order with the car tax .

You can use this service for free using the following link.

LINK | Car tax check



The newCrimnet site managed directly by the Ministry of the Interior and aims to search for stolen or lost vehicles. Just enter the number plate and the chassis of the vehicle and you will be given the car's known information. Only the vehicles that were stolen from the legitimate owner are present in the Ministry's archive. You will not be able to find, for example, those constituting the subject of embezzlement.

Information on stolen cars will not be immediately available in the days immediately following the criminal event for reasons of confidentiality.

LINK | NewCrimnet

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