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Microsoft and IE, still critical

Microsoft and IE, still critical

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When it comes to Microsoft and its browsers there is always some controversy lurking. The Redmond company, this time, ended up being targeted by the defenders of Web standards just after releasing version 5.5 of its browser for Windows. The accusation is that he has taken a new step forward on the path of creating a proprietary language incompatible with that of other browsers and disrespectful of the WC3 consortium regulations. In this way, the detractors argue, the risk that Web developers are tempted to use the facilities allowed by Microsoft by cutting out browsers that use other applications such as Opera, for example, or even Netscape. of an extension of the HTML language used by Microsoft that, without going into technical matters, allows to shorten development times and to include dynamically creating and animation functions on the pages more easily. "What we try to do – they say to Microsoft – to create innovation that can then be used by others. The W3C has its times, we try to accelerate. "We admire innovation – said Jefrey Zeldman of W3C – but coding standards and disseminating them before submitting them to the consortium only means encouraging developers to code their pages with a proprietary system." In recent months, when Microsoft releases IE 5.0 for Mac equally harsh criticism came from the consortium he accused of Microsoft precisely on the system with which it had implemented some of the W3C standards.

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