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Macity and Macprof go to New York

Macity and Macprof go to New York

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The MacWorld Expo is about to start and the Macity and MacProf envoys have already packed their bags for the Big Apple. The staff of our two sites will be particularly numerous this year, a need dictated by the need to cover in the best possible way the event that promises to be particularly significant. To better follow the initiative and considering the structure of Macity / MacProf the MacWorld Expo will be followed in a slightly different way than in the past. Macity, in fact, will be the "newspaper" of MacWorld with services and news in real time, images taken at the time, short flashes and articles from Javits on everything that is most interesting and important happens day by day at the New York review. MacProf, instead, will dedicate itself, thanks to our journalistic staff, to a more in-depth look at what is happening in Manhattan. From the pages of our other site you will have mainly product images but also special services on some of the Expo's guiding themes. As for the keynote, the "direct" will be on MacProf and to be precise starting from this Special MWNY2000 page that provides you with also the coordinates and instructions to follow him by satellite. Later, always on MacProf, a detailed account of the event will be on line, accompanied by images, and compiled by our journalists who assisted you. The coverage will then continue from the pages of Macity, which in a continuous cycle will provide news and images throughout Wednesday until late at night. The advice to stay connected and visit the pages of Macity and MacProf frequently. There will be surprises … Visit our home and MWNY2000 Specials often

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