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iTunes classifies not only music but midi, pdf …

With the release of version 4.7 of iTunes Apple has taken a step forward in what we can define the digitization of every aspect of the use of music: if until yesterday you could insert the cover of a song in the space of the window of iTunes ( but also a file of any type readable by QuickTime) now you can drag any PDF file to the main window of the application to see it listed in the middle of the music tracks with its simple title but at the same time it is possible to assign it all the information (the Tags) related to Author, Album, Genre … we want to classify it along with the actual music pieces.

The same operation can also be carried out with the Midi format versions of the tracks we have in iTunes or the ringtones on your mobile: even these may be given information of any kind.

This novelty, also introduced to support the additional notes and booklets of the latest productions of U2, allow interesting interactions both for the music purchased from the web, and for those who organize it starting from their own "real" library: you can have it on your computer an album complete with original cover and booklets attached to the CD as well as texts if these are attached to the music sold on the store or the user can build himself, with printed and scanned material, or find on the web the combination of the music, lyrics, artwork and photos corresponding to the song you are listening to.

As an example we show you below iTunes in "container" mode: we have a song extracted from a CD in our possession, a midi base purchased from an online service and the text of the song (with and without agreements) found on the web.In in this case with a simple click on the list of iTunes we can listen to the song in its original execution, start the midi version to run on QuickTime or a connected expander and open the PDF archive with the lyrics at the same time: everything easily searchable and classified within iTunes.

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The ease with which it is possible to create a PDF document on Mac, simply by printing a web page, a document edited with Text Edit (as in the case of the lyrics of the song in this case) or any image, do the rest. The implications also in the field of education, not only musical, they are very interesting: one of these for example the possibility to follow the text of a speech in a foreign language during its reproduction on iTunes without having to combine it with an authoring tool.

It should be noted that the archives added in this way are not transferred to the iPod in case of synchronization.

There are those who go so far as to see behind this integration the possibility for Apple to use it in a sort of e-Book reader: actually the demonstration that the Cupertino software, thanks to QuickTime, to the tight integration between the applications and the management of the multimedia able to make life easier for any user of digital content.