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It's official! Sony has announced the launch of two Palm OS-based handhelds.

It's official! Sony has announced the launch of two Palm OS-based handhelds.

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On July 13, Sony Corp. announced that on September 9 in Japan there will be the launch of two Sony Palm OS-based handhelds. The grayscale version (16 shades, PEGS 300 model) will be sold for $ 510 and the color version (PEGS 500C) at 555. As already announced in these pages the new devices will be equipped with memory stick technology and a scroll wheel (a jog) for scrolling and opening applications without using the stylus. The microprocessor will be the DragonBall EZ20MHz and the units will be equipped with 8 MB of RAM and 4 MB of ROM. The operating system will be the 3.5 and among the endowments of softwareci will be a browser and an image management software. The versions for the US market will follow suit by the end of the year. Many are surprised by the announcement to present the news in Japan and by the exorbitant prices. In fact, the corridor news foreshadowed prices around 200 dollars. What is the effect of the yen-dollar exchange rate? In fact it also seems strange that the color version is only $ 45 more expensive. Prices in yen reported by Sony are respectively 55,000 yen and 60,000 yen. Official photos and screen shots of the Japanese version on the Sony website A close-up photo where you can see in detail the port for MemoryStick and the Jog wheel on The Register website.

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