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Intellimouse 2, revenge

Intellimouse 2, revenge

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A year after the release of the first mouse based on Intellieye technology, Microsoft today announced a new version of the optical tracking system for mouse movement. According to a statement from the Redmond company (which was not followed by a site update) the version 2.0 of the Intellieye allows a speed of 33% higher than that permitted by current mouse versions. "While the current system – reads a press release – allows the capture of 1500 images per second of the surface on which the mouse runs, Intellieye 2 allows the detection of as many as 2000 images per second". The devices that will be included will be following: IntelliMouse Explorer (five buttons, including a wheel, ergonomic design, recommended price on the US market 74.95 $); IntelliMouse Optical (five buttons, including the wheel, designates ambidextrous, price: 55.95) Trackball Explorer (five buttons including the wheel, ergonomic design, price: 64.95) Optical Trackball (five buttons, including wheel and trackball for 44 , $ 95); Wheel Mouse Optical (three buttons, including the wheel, designates ambidextrous for $ 34.95). Microsoft, which has not yet updated its site, believes it can introduce new mice into the channels for the Christmas gift season.

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