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Import images into FileMaker

Import images into FileMaker

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Import images directly into FileMaker without using other applications. This promises Insidescan, a plug-in of the Italian PowerSolutions released in the final version 1.0 in the last few days. without the need to use external applications. InsideScan also allows you to manipulate images in a basic way, thus avoiding the use of external photo-editing applications in the most common situations. "Through a series of external functions, – reads a press release – InsideScan considerably expands the functionality of FileMaker Pro, allowing you to directly import an image through scanners and video capture tools, thanks to the compatibility of InsideScan with TWAIN technology and with the additional modules provided by the manufacturers of these devices for use in Adobe Photoshop. It is also possible to import an image into a database or export existing images into a new file and into a new format, even without user interaction, thanks to QuickTime support. You can then manipulate an image, thanks to the presence of drawing tools, display an image in a dedicated window, with the possibility of making reductions, enlargements and adaptations, create a preview of the image to save memory space, or for create presentations, delete and rename images (or files in general) on the disks, or check their existence, print images contained in a database or recorded on disk "A demo version of InsideScan 1.0 can be downloaded from the Powersolutions website. The software and documentation are in Italian. For the operation of the software it is necessary to have an Apple Power Macintosh, Mac OS 7.6 or later, FileMaker Pro 4.x or higher, QuickTime 3.0 or higher (QuickTime 4 recommended). The price of a single license of 75 euros

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