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IE 5.5: few new features

IE 5.5: few news

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An editable bar that can contain any kind of graphic object used on the web that can become buttons connected to web pages; the possibility of opening windows in the background and a function that typing the first letters allows you to browse through the links on a web page. These are some of the main features of Internet Explorer 5.5 as they appear in a beta that was distributed in the context of MacHack 15. To spread the development version was the same Microsoft that is also hastened to say that not all and not only those could be the novelties of the final version. The engineers at the Redmond company have underlined how changes were also made to the HTML processing engine, code-named Tasman. Thanks to some refinements now the navigation would be faster and the reproduction of pages more faithful. The support of pages containing CSS 1, CSS2, HTML 4, JavaScript and XML would also be improved. Microsoft did not say when the final version of IE 5.5 will be released, although many believe it may already be available at the next Expo or in the immediately following days. No information, however, available on the progress of the "carbonized" version of the browser. A beta (or an alpha) had been distributed in the context of the presentation of the PR4 of MacOs X and Microsoft guaranteed that IE for the new OS will be available on the installation CD of the final version of MacOs X.

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