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Humin rearranges contacts in real time based on the context

The app enhances the relationships between our contacts and the more you use them, the more you learn

There is one thing that we sometimes forget: we don't just need our smartphone to update our social profiles anywhere, use WhatsApp, check mail and news, or move around with the browser. We also (or above all) need the telephone to call and manage contacts. But if for all other things the different App Stores offer us so many alternatives to choose from, the "Phone" application is often overlooked. So Humin arrives.

Humin proposes a whole new way of managing our contacts, based on a mechanism that has the objective of enhancing relationships between people. The principle from which Humin starts very simple: why look for things in alphabetical order? Is it not much better to look for things in the same way that we are thinking of them? If we move to another city for a few days, for example, Humin shows us which of our contacts live there. So immediate contact them and see each other for a beer. This is the value of Humin, the importance it gives to people and connections between them.

IS the more you use it, the more you learn. Humin interfaces with our calendar, with our contacts on Facebook, Gmail and LinkedIn and establishes links between us and the people in this great web. So, when he shows someone, he immediately suggests which friends we have in common, what a job he does: at a glance, he makes us understand who the person in front of us is for us.

Now we will have no more excuses. To remind us of the name of the person known the week before, ask Humin: "Met last week".


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