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Huawei Mediapad M2 10.0, the proof

The tablet of the Chinese house stands out thanks to an integrated sound system among the best around and a nib that makes it suitable also for creating content

Price: starting from 349 euros Vote: 7.5More information: Huawei

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Not exactly a moment of glory for tablets, in particular for 10-inch tablets: they are now considered bulky and lacking in particular strengths compared to convertibles, 2 in 1 and smartphones with an increasingly multimedia vocation. With MediaPad M2 10.0 Huawei wants rekindle enthusiasm for this category of product focusing on two features that normally other gadgets do not boast: an unusual sound system and an optional nib designed for those who make the content.

Made of aluminum, MediaPad M2 is a product well built, solid between the hands and resistant to twisting and mistreatment. Not among the thinnest tablets in circulation, but the fractions of millimeters more compared to opponents like the Apple iPad during daily use are not heard. Rather, it is 10 inch screen in 16: 9 makes the tablet usable preferably horizontally and for watching movies, while turning it on its side as is natural to do using the sliding apps loses practicality in use.

The choice to privilege multimedia applications over everything else characterizes the entire device. The display for example a 1200 x 1920 pixel panel which easily exceeds the Full HD resolution. The definition is not the best that there is in this price range, but at the same time it is more suitable for both watching movies and TV series than browsing the most crowded sites with textual content. Color reproduction faithful and perfectible manually, while at the most extreme viewing angles the blacks begin to lighten slightly. Finally, the maximum brightness, which makes the screen visible in every situation.

Where MediaPad M2 excels in the audio sector: four Harman Kardon speakers placed on the edge of the device at the two corners dedicated to the bass and two to the higher frequencies generate powerful and full-bodied sounds. Bringing the settings to the maximum allowed risks distorting sounds, but even with the volume slider halfway, the result far exceeds the tablet opponents in quality and intensity. On MediaPad M2 listen to the Spotify playlist from across the room not a problem, just as you don't get caught up in the explosions of an action film without connecting external speakers.

The processor Kirin 930 developed at home directs all operations without problems. Not a Ferrari that has just come out of the plant: every now and then it lets out a few frames on the heaviest web pages and the opening of the app is not as swift as on smartphones and tablets at the top of their category, but in general the Android operating system is always kept at regime even when the open apps are numerous, and within games and flawless streaming videos. Leave a little to be desired graphic customization made by Huawei, which tries to impose itself on Google's material design sometimes unsuccessfully.

The extras are another area in which Huawei's tablet doesn't get caught unprepared: MediaPad M2 mounts a front sensor for fingerprints integrated under the home button, two 5 and 13 Mpixel cameras above average and an expansion slot for microSD cards. Finally included in the Premium edition are a slot for SIM cards and the M-Pen, an active digital nib in light and comfortable aluminum to hold, capable of recording on the screen up to 2048 pressure levels and accompanied by a series of apps to make the best use of it.

4G nib and connectivity are welcome additions, but they greatly increase the final price of the tablet and will interest a small minority of M2's public potential. Not bad: the structure of the device, however, that of a reliable tablet that manages to be comfortably loaded both of an essential use, sprawled on the sofa, and of short trips and more complex operations like small productivity. The secret weapon of MediaPad M2 the audio system is not enough alone to advise to throw in the garbage the current tablet to run to buy it, but it remains tempting for those who don't have a tablet yet or is planning to replace the old one.

WiredThe 6600 mAh battery allows you to squeeze the tablet for more than a day

TiredAndroid version stops at Lollipop


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