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How to use multiple Facebook accounts on iPhone

Handle multiple Facebook accountson your computer very simple – just open a new browser or a new window to access another Facebook account simultaneously. When it comes to mobile devices like iPhone, the story changes. Who owns a double Facebook account, the desire of users to be able to open two accounts on the device simultaneously. This possibility is not implemented in the current Facebook app, even though many people now have a multiple account, one linked to work and personal activity. Therefore, those who find themselves in such conditions, look for a solution that in a simple way allows them to access both accounts, without requiring the typing of login data, every time you want to switch from an account to Facebookallaltro.

It seems an unsolvable question, considering that Facebook does not really want to know to meet this need. But in this article we see how to solve the problem in a simple way. There is no trick of configuring the official application of Facebook, but there are third-party iPhone apps that let you set up multiple accounts for Facebook and easily switch between them.

How to get multiple Facebook accounts on iPhone

The solution to use multiple accounts of some social networks on the iPhone a third-party app called Friendly, which allows with one app to have two or more Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and Twitter accounts. In this guide we will deepen the app Friendly regarding the management of a double Facebook account on the iPhone.

I discovered this application by chance and once I started using it, I couldn't get back to the official app. Friendly was initially launched for iPad in 2010, when the official Facebook application was limited to iPhone only. However, in these years it has grown and the design is very similar to the official Facebook application.

How to configure the Friendly app on iPhone

IOS users who want to configure more than one Facebook account for simultaneous use will find in Friendlyfor Facebook a very useful application. The application is easy to use and provides seamless access from all accounts configured in Friendly, which is offered in the free version and the paid version. Also interesting is the possibility of setting up more than one Twitter or Instagram account through this app. Let's now proceed with the guide and immediately see how to set up two Facebook accounts on the iPhone.

After downloading the free app from the App Store Friendly for Facebook,to activate multiple accounts you must first install it and then when you open it, you will be asked Add Account. Click to add the first account, choose the account to connect. In our case, choose Facebook. Enter your Facebook account login information (email and password). Follow the screenshots we propose below.

multiple Facebook accounts - accounts

Now you will be asked to make some graphics and security settings of the app. One of the best features ofFriendly that you can change the monotonous blue color of Facebook, choosing your favorite color from those available and personalize your experience.

multiple Facebook accounts - color

Now the app will ask you to make some settings, just select the ones you want to activate. You can enter a security code to open the app, while the Touch ID only in the Pro version. You can choose how to order the news and if you want to hide people. Finally you can choose which notifications to receive.

multiple Facebook accounts - security

Another positive aspect of Friendly which supports the gesture that allows through an arrow that appears on the screen, to scroll through the app to go back. At the top appears a small status bar similar to that of the official app that tells you the status of communication on the net.

How to set up a second Facebook account on iPhone

After configuring the app, let's see how to insert a second Facebook account in the Friendly app. Click on the icon at the top left.

multiple Facebook accounts - multiple accounts

The setup page will open to add an account, similar to creating the first account. Click on Add Account and follow the same procedure as the one previously seen for the creation of the first account.

multiple Facebook accounts - create accounts

You'll find yourself with two accounts in one app. You can easily, with a simple click, switch from one account to another without entering the access data each time. Try and you will see that it is a great convenience, also because you can also enter other accounts. To switch from one account to another, simply click on the icon at the top left and all the Facebook accounts set will appear.

multiple Facebook accounts - manage accounts

In the lower bar you can activate all the functions you have on the official Facebook app. You will be able to enter Messenger and chat with your friends, check who has asked you for friendship, read notifications and search for people on Facebook.

I found the interface to be more friendly Friendly compared to the official app, to the point that this app can also be used as an alternative to the official app of Facebook. If you click on the Settings wheel at the top right, you will have all the changes and configurations you can do on your Facebook account.

multiple Facebook accounts - settings

You will find many features not present on the official app and this will allow you to improve your Facebook experience. You will probably find some bags (highlighted in the comments of the app), but lately I haven't met them, maybe because with the latest updates they have been solved. Even if they were there, I think it is still worth installing this app, for the unique and useful features it contains.

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