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How to set song as iPhone ringtone without iTunes

Although Apple has provided different ringtones to iPhone owners by default, you will certainly be wondering how to use your favorite song as a ringtone and set it when someone is calling you on the phone. Until now, to create an iPhone ringtone using a specific song, it has always been necessary to use a PC or Mac, then import it into iTunes and finally synchronize it with iPhone. Here is a simple method for set song as iPhone ringtone without using iTunes.

Fortunately things have changed. With iOS 9 or later, you canset iPhone ringtone without iTunes and performing the entire process directly on your iOS device. The only thing you need to have is the sound to be set as a ringtone inside the app Music. Also, you need to download from the free Storelapp AppGarageband from Apple. Having satisfied these two requirements, you can easily proceed to set iPhone ringtone without iTunes.

How to set song as iPhone ringtone without iTunes

  • First, make sure you have the song to set as an iPhone ringtone within the app Music. If this is not the case you can transfer it to the iPhone via iTunes.

NOTE: this procedure is not compatible with tracks downloaded via Apple Music.

  • Launch the app on your iPhone Garageband.
  • Select the tool in the tool list Smart Strings.
  • In the upper left corner it touches the icon with three white rectangles as shown in the figure.

set song as iPhone 1 ringtone

  • In the new screen select the icon in the upper right corner in the shape of balloon as shown in the figure.

set song as iPhone 2 ringtone

  • Select the tab Music and scroll through your music until you find the song you want. At this point select the song.
  • Now you can change the length of the ringtone to your liking by cutting out the parts you'd like to delete or changing the attack point of the song.
  • After completing the changes, select the arrow icon in the top left corner and click on "My tracks".
  • The ringtone will be saved. You can rename it so you can easily find it again if you want to make a change in the future.
  • Now hold down the icon of the song you just saved. A series of keys will appear at the top left. Select the square with the arrow pointing upwards as shown in the figure.

set song as iPhone 3 ringtone

  • The sharing menu will appear. Click on the ringtone icon.
  • In the new screen, give a name to the ringtone and then click on Export.
  • A new menu will appear. Click on Use the sound as.
  • From the new menu select Standard ringtone if you want to use the ringtone for incoming calls, Month ringtone. standard to use it with messages or Assign to contact to use it only when a specific contact calls us.


How do you see not very difficult set song as ringtone iPhonesenza iTunes using the free Garageband app. This Apple application that you will surely have on your iOS device, very easy to use and allows you to create ringtones for iPhone without iTunes.

If you have an mp3 music file and want to set it as a ringtone on your iPhone, follow this guide:

If you are experiencing problems or want to send us a suggestion, you can do so using the comments section at the end of the article.