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How to set custom ringtones on Contacts iPhone

Over the years, Apple has made the iPhone smarter. However, in the process of making the phone more and more customizable, the company ended up making some basic functions more complex in the procedures to be followed. For example, something as simple as setting the ringtone of a contact on the iPhone is a tedious task but you can hardly do it if you don't know how to do it. At this point, it's already important to know that there is the possibility of setting personalized notification tones for each contact in Contacts. This function was initially very popular and simple in activation, but in the era of customizations, ended up being buried so deeply in the operating system that people hardly tend to use it. Although this feature is incredibly useful especially on an iPhone that lacks a notification LED. So if you're wondering how to set custom ringtones for each of your contacts, or at least for the most used contacts, read on and you'll also find out how to set a tone for text messages too.

How to set custom ringtones and text tones for contacts on iPhone

Step 1: Open the app Contacts on your iPhone and proceed to the contact for which you want to set a custom ringtone and / or SMS tone. Proceed to change the contact details by tapping the button Edit located in the upper right corner.

set custom ringtones

Alternatively, you can also find the contact from the call log and then proceed to change your contact details.

Step 2: Once in Edit mode, you will find the option Ringtone which must be set to Default. Touch it and then select one of the pre-loaded ringtones on your iPhone for that contact.

You can also go to iTunes Store or download all the tones purchased on the device and set one as a ringtone for that contact.

set custom contact ringtones

From the same settings page, you can also enable the option Emergency notice which will ensure that calls and messages from that specific contact will ignore the rule Do not disturb when you're busy.

Make sure you touch end in the upper right corner when you have finished making custom ringtone changes on iPhone.

Step 3: similarly, you can set a ringtonecustom text messages for each contact using the option SMS ringtone while editing a contact. This option will change the SMS alert ringtone.

With a personalized ringtone for your favorite contacts, you'll know when they call you or have left you a text message without even having to take a look at your iPhone. It may not seem like a big deal, but once you've learned how to set custom ringtones on iPhone for all your favorite contacts, you'll end up relying on it to know the person who sent you a message or a phone call.