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How to restore locked iPhone with red and blue screen

On the last iPhonese they reveal the same errors as his predecessors. There are situations in which the device is re-locked in an infinite bootloop with intermittent red and blue screen. Or the touchscreen buttons that don't respond. If you find these problems on your iPhone, in this guide I want to help yourestore locked iPhone when you are in a condition where you no longer know how to behave. Of course, these are attempts that can go well in some situations, while in others, different actions or the intervention of Apple assistance are probably necessary. For, trying does not harm.

A iPhone blockedit can occur while trying to restore data from an iCloud backup. When the iPhone freezes, it is not always possible to unlock it normally, at most you can get to the shutdown screen, but you do not go further. The device cannot be turned off completely and this causes a continuous restart.

How to restore locked iPhone

restore iPhone locked red and blue screenHowever, we were able to restore the blocked iPhone to the latest versioniOSand in this guide we propose the steps to be taken through the following guide. Even by following these steps, you may not be able to solve the problem. In that case, the best solution is to take your iPhone and take it to the nearest Apple Store for repair or replacement.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer

To activate this process, you will need to start the latest version of iTunes on Mac or PC and at this time connect your iPhone via USB cable to your computer, then proceed as follows.

Step 2: Restore your iPhone

Considering that our iPhone was totally unaffected by commands, and there was no way to start it manually, we had to reset the iPhone (instead of turning it off and restarting it). iOS did not respond, nor did the device keys.

To reset locked iPhone, press and hold keys simultaneously Power On / Off and the key Home, until you see the Apple logo appears. When the logo appears you can release the two buttons.

If the touchscreen and buttons do not respond with iOS up and running, it is not enough to reset the iPhone, only this will not solve the problem. So read the next step to see what to do next.

Step 3: Access the DFU mode

Since the phone does not turn off completely and does not restart automatically, entering restore mode is not necessary, instead it is necessary to enter into DFU mode.

Keep pressing the keys Power / End and the key Home, wait for the Apple logo disappears, (it takes us around3 seconds) eONLY now let go of the key Power On / Off continuing to hold the Home button. Press and hold the Home button until you see iTunes detect the device.

Note that unlike the recovery mode, in which the message ?appears on your iPhoneConnect to iTunes", No message will appear on the device when in DFU mode, the screen will be completely black.

Step 4: Restore your iPhone

Close any warnings that appear in iTunes, then proceed as follows.

In the iTunes window, press OK when the iPhone is detected in recovery mode. Then simply press the button Reset iPhone and follow the on-screen instructions to delete and restore your iPhone to the latest version of iOS.

restore locked iPhone

This process may take some time, because iTunes needs to download the iOS files needed to restore your iPhone.

Step 5: Set up your iPhone as New (or Restore from backup)

Once the latest version of iOS is installed on your iPhone, you will be able to configure it normally. Just follow the installation instructions on the iPhone, and when you need to restore the device, I suggest you set it as new iPhone.

If you have a backup in iCloud or iTunes that is older than when the problem appeared, you could try to restore it, although there is a possibility that it may encounter the bootloop problem again. But if this happens again, just follow all the steps again and configure it as a new iPhone. However, it is worth trying to restore the backup if you want to try to get back all the data, apps and photos on the iPhone.

If you have tried to carry out the steps indicated and continue to have the same problems as the buttons and / or touchscreen that do not respond, red screen or blue screen, or infinite restarts, then you will probably need to take it to an Apple Store to repair it.

Here is a thorough guide on how to restore your iPhone to factory settings.

In this other guide you will be able to see how to recover your iPhone unlock code if you have forgotten it.