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How to remotely control your Mac using your iPhone

The ability to remotely control your Mac using your iPhone a feature that you don't realize you need until you try it yourself. I mean, I'm able to do pretty much everything on my Mac using my iPhone. I can control music playback, change tracks, start, minimize and close apps, use my iPhone as a trackpad or keyboard and set system preferences like volume and brightness and much more.

Having that power in my hands allows me to surf my Mac even when I'm not near it. For example, if I forgot to lock my Mac, I can lock it with a simple touch on my iPhone. If you want to do it yourself and want to remotely control your Mac using your iPhone, here's how you can do it:

Use the iPhone to remotely control your Mac

To be able to remotely control your Mac using your iPhone or even the iPad, you will need to install a remote control app on your iPhone along with its Menu bar app on the Mac. With the apps installed, you will be able to easily control your Mac with your iPhone. Here is the step by step guide you need to follow to set everything up:

  1. Download and install the "Remote Control for Mac ( free or $ 9, 99 ) "from the App Store by clicking on the link. Start the app and you will find the link you need to open on your Mac for download the helper app on your Mac .

2. On the Mac, open a browser e manually feed the link you found in the app click here. On the page, click on the "Download" button to download the support tool.

3. A zipped file will be downloaded to your Mac. Double-click the file to extract the package installer and then double-click the installer to start the installation . Now, simply follow the steps on the screen and grant the necessary permissions.

4. Once installed, the app will be in your Mac's menu bar. Click on the icon and then click on the "Show QR Code" button to show the code .

5. Now launch the app on your iPhone and scan the QR code on your app . Once the connection is established, it should appear as shown in the figure below.

6. possible Click on the switches in the top row to explore the multimedia apps you can control and view the associated actions. As you can see, not only can you control media playback in apps, but you can also control media playback in services like Netflix and Prime Video while streaming content through the browser.

7. The tabs below show different categories of things you can run using the app. So far, we've only explored the media tab. Touch the "Input" tab and you will be able to use your iPhone as a trackpad and keyboard .

8. Similarly, the "App" tab is used to launch apps and perform actions on them, the "Menu" tab is used to perform actions on the app you are currently using on your Mac, while the "System" tab is used to run the system tasks at the level.

As you can see, the app is very powerful and allows you to take total control of your Mac from your iPhone. However, keep in mind that in addition to normal control of multimedia content and the trackpad and keyboard functionality, all other features are locked behind a one-time payment of $ 9, 99.

Remotely control your Mac using iOS devices

I'm loving this app and I use it daily. I found it useful and paid for it in my pocket. So, do you like the app enough to shell out $ 9, 99 or not? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. At the very least, try the free version and see if you like it or not.