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How to play with Cloud Gaming on Android

Cloud Gaming on Android

Our smartphones today are quite capable devices even when it comes to high-intensity graphics activities like games. Have you already played PUBG on a smartphone? wonderful. But even the most passionate smartphone player will have to admit that he cannot compete with games on consoles or PCs. Regardless of the power of our smartphones, PCs and consoles are much more powerful. Which means much more detail and better graphics. There is a solution to this and it is called Cloud gaming. The Cloud Gaming service that allows you to play games for consoles or PCs on your smartphone.

The cloud for games is the future of gaming, because the prospect is to eliminate physical media even for games and offer them only online. It is a future already begun, because the companies that offer online games are already many and the cloud will be the necessary support for storing games. Read on to find out what cloud services are for games and how to use them on Android devices.

What is Cloud Gaming Pc?

I usually don't like to play on my smartphone and a reason for this because my PC has games that look better graphically. However, I can't help but notice the graphic difference between the games on my PC and those I play on my phone. Even PUBG looks much better on a PC or on a console. Not saying that the choice we made to play on the smartphone cannot be easily changed.

Cloud gaming is very similar to cloud storage where instead of being installed on the smartphone, or even on the PC or console, the games are installed on a remote server. All processing takes place on the server and you simply get a live video feed on your smartphone. Of course, streaming videos require less resources than games. Your data, such as aiming and filming or anything else, is sent to this server over the Internet. So basically you're playing remotely on a server far away.

Yes, of course, you will need a fast internet connection to enjoy uninterrupted games and in many parts of the world it can be very expensive. It may not be as expensive as buying a powerful gaming PC. Here's where you save your money. You will enjoy high-end PC graphics without having to buy one to use on the go. If you are worried about latency problems, not the case, unless you are a professional player who needs wired controls for microsecond accuracy. If you are using the Bluetooth controller, you can also play in the cloud.

Discover the advantages of Cloud Gaming on Android

There are many companies that choose the cloud gaming platform, after all, there are also big gains for the near future. EA, the gaming industry giant, recently acquired GameFly and its cloud gaming technology. GameFly did not survive the crisis and its services are closed. Others have entered to take his place.

All you need to do is basically install an app like you would for Netflix. You pay a subscription fee that depends on your geographical location and the app you are using. This is very similar to video on demand streaming services, with some exceptions for games.

Games take up huge amounts of storage space compared to movies or TV shows. It means, as a general rule, to be ready to shell out more than you do for your Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription. There is a small difference. Movies are cheaper than games that can cost up to $ 120 or more. A subscription to these cloud gaming services offers you many games for free. Some popular games like GTA V still require you to purchase them separately. Below are some services with Android app that you can download.

Play on Cloud Vortex

Cloud Vortex

Vortex has a huge library of games that you can play for free as long as you are a subscriber. Unfortunately there are no free trials but Vortex has a rather open catalog of games on its website. You can see exactly the games for free and which ones require an additional license. The library includes popular names like Fortnite, GTA V, Tomb Raider, etc. PUBG is also available to play without having to purchase a license. Vortex available on Android and Windows even if the Android app is still in beta.

DOWNLOAD | Play on Cloud Vortex

Hatch – Cloud Gaming

Hatch also boasts a large collection of games like Vortex but the services are very different. Vortex offers high-end AAA games, you have to pay for some like Far Cry 5. Hatch offers you a library full of free games, but none of these games are very popular, except a few. Moreover, most of these games will work well on your Android device. The advantage offered by Hatch is more similar to Netflix than to Vortex. While you can play many of these games on your Android, buying these games would not be advisable. With Hatch, you can play hundreds of games on demand without having to install or pay for them. You only pay a subscription fee.

With Hatch, you can also let your friends play for you, to help you face the difficult level of Angry Birds.

DOWNLOAD | Hatch Cloud Gaming

LiquidSky PC Cloud Gaming on Android (Closed Beta)

LiquidSky PC Cloud Gaming on Android

LiquidSky one of the most popular services on Android in the cloud gaming industry. came on the scene before Vortex, yet the Android app remained in Beta, exactly where it was last year. However, the impressive library of LiquidSky games like Vortex, if not more so. It boasts excellent and popular AAA titles like Fallout 4, Call of Duty, Witcher 3, Rocket League and many others.

You can also connect your Steam, Blizzard and Origin account to enjoy your existing library of PC and console games on your phone. LiquidSky has its data centers in San Jose, CA – Dallas, TX – Washington D.C. – Frankfurt, Germany – London, United Kingdom and Hong Kong. If you live near one of these locations, you will probably enjoy a much better service than anywhere else.

DOWNLOAD |LiquidSky PC Cloud Gaming on Android (APK)

Shadow Cloud Gaming

Shadow Cloud Gaming

Shadow a little different from the rest of the services mentioned above. The title says it, Shadow is more exactly a cloud gaming PC. It does not offer you a large library of free or premium games. Everything that gives you a PC that you can access anywhere from the cloud. You can, of course, play all the games you already own. You will still need to install the games normally on this cloud PC. The advantage is that you can do much more here, such as running other high-graphics programs like Adobe Premier.

These are the specifications of the PC cloud:

  • CPU: dedicated threads Intel XEON 8
  • GPU: dedicated high-end graphics card (equ. 1080GTX)
  • RAM: 12 GB
  • Memory: 256 GB

Before investing in this service, consider the ratings and comments on the Play Store.

DOWNLOAD |Shadow Legacy