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How to get around the web and save our privacy

get around web control

The problem of privacy is becoming more and more present in our daily lives, especially since digital, the web and everything smart manages and is part of our life. We feel controlled, observed, sometimes we even feel threatened by this great sea of ??data that the internet. A sea of ??data to which institutions often try to put a brake, or at least controls, through analysis software or, in the most serious cases, through the obscuring of the web and censorship.

How to get around web control

Of course, we who are used to surfing the web every day do not even notice what happens in the backstage. Sometimes we are not even aware of it. The European copyright directive, which will be voted on by each state later, has raised the question: how can one intervene on the web? What can be canceled and what to keep? What and how do we share the contents?

Unfortunately, these questions do not always have a fixed answer and are also left to our discretion and our ethics. Certainly there are very useful systems and tools that can help us manage our online activity and protect our privacy.

Safe tunnels

First we look at two widely used systems, one simple and one more complex, which go to create virtual online tunnels in which we insert ourselves to connect to the destination web page. The first method is called SSH tunnel, and through parameter changes in the connection protocols you will be able to activate an ultra secure virtual passage between you and the server from which the data displayed on the screen is transmitted. This method is widely used to overcome firewalls.

pass firewalls

The second method to create a super secure virtual tunnel is to use a VPN connection. With this type of service you can connect to the internet and be sure of being protected from external incursions, data leaks, and obscured by tracking. This way you can also access web content that is not available in your country.


We have already talked about proxy sites, and a fast and simple way to connect to the internet safely and at the same time without being identified. The proxy in fact mediates tar us, our device, and the source of the website. Not always reliable but certainly easy to use, there are also free ones and you don't need to have great computer skills to use it.


Tor is a browser well known by those who want to disguise themselves online and browse incognito without having their IP address (ie what identifies our position) seen and tracked. This browser also manages to encrypt the network as we browse, making it impossible to understand which pages we visit and what we are consulting online. Tor is a browser that can be downloaded by everyone, but in some countries it has been challenged precisely because it manages to get around the web precisely and effectively.

With these web tools you can improve control over your privacy and, at the same time, be able to access blocked content.