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How to download videos on Mac with Mojave

download videos on Mac

In this guide we show how to download any video on your Mac, whether from YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix or Amazon Video. You can find many videos online and watch them streaming from the web, which requires a powerful internet connection. But if this is not possible, the alternative of downloading them to your computer.

Streaming has its advantages, among other things it eliminates the need to store heavy files on your devices, but there are also problems. If your internet connection is not powerful enough or falls constantly, watching the movie loses the pleasant part.

In this case it makes sense to download permanent (or temporary, depending on the license rights) copies of the videos that you or the children want to see from the web on your Mac. If this is your case, in this article we describe how to do it with the most popular online services.

Record videos on your Mac using Mojave

There are cases in which it is possible to record any video you are passing on the screen of your Mac. Similar to the screenshot, you can screencast any movie you are passing on the screen, including all the videos you want to play.

You can use this integrated method to record videos of content from YouTube and other streaming sites.

This feature on the Mac changed to the MacOS Mojave version. Before Mojave it was necessary to use QuickTime to record videos. But since Mojave was released, you can record videos using the simple key combination: Command + Shift + 5.

download videos on Mac

Let's explain how to record the screen of your Mac in Mojave. Screen recording has become much easier in MacOS Mojave since arriving in September 2018, with the introduction of a tool called Screen Record. The function can be found in the new toolbar of the screenshot.

Here's how to perform a screen recording in Mojave:

  • Open the screenshot toolbar by pressing Command + Shift + 5.
  • You can record the entire screen or record only the selected part. Choose what you need.
  • If you want to select Record full screen, just click on the button Record which appears next to Option.
  • If you have more than one screen, click and hold this button and you will see the option Screen 1 is Screen 2.
  • If you want to record a part of the screen, select that area before activating the recording.
  • Once you've finished what you want to record, click the stop button displayed in the menu bar (next to the timer), or press again Shift + Command + 5 and press the button Stop in the displayed menu.
  • The recording will be displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. Click on it to open the video in Quick Look.
  • To edit your video, click the cropping button that appears next to end.
  • To cut the video, click on the dots on the edge of the yellow frame at the beginning of the recording and drag them inward.
  • Click on end.

If you haven't yet installed Mojave – or you can't install Mojave because your Mac is not supported – you can still record the video on your Mac's screen with QuickTime.

Download YouTube videos on Mac

The tool we recommend for downloading content from YouTube on the Mac iTubeDownloader. Install this program (you can do it for free) and open it.

You'll find that the software looks a lot like YouTube except the button Download located just to the left of the URL bar, at the top of the window. Switch to the video you wish to download and press this button, give the video a name, decide where to save it and the quality of the file and confirm by clicking again. Download.

Download videos from Netflix on Mac

If you need to download a copy of a movie or TV program Netflix on your Mac, you will certainly not find a download button displayed on a Mac, unlike the app on Windows. In this case you can use the screen recording function in Mojave or QuickTime as described above.

Another potentially simpler method is to use the free Apowersoft Screen Recorder app. You can download it from the Mac App Store.

Download videos from Amazon Video

Downloading Amazon video content directly to Mac is not easy. Amazon allows subscribers to download files (with DRM) on mobile devices and Windows PCs, but not on Macs. So the most effective approach is probably to download to a PC, remove the DRM and transfer it to a Mac.

If you prefer not to do these steps – and of course DRM creates ethical and legal problems – then you could use screen recording via QuickTime, as described above for Netflix. Open QuickTime, right-click on the icon in the dock and select New screen recording, activate the internal microphone, start recording and do your best not to talk.

Download videos from Vimeo

Some videos of Vimeo offer the possibility of downloading without problems, and this is possible both when watching on Mac and on Windows. If this feature is enabled, a download button will appear below the player, although the available versions will depend on the membership level of the video creator.

If the creator is not a Plus, Pro or Business member, or simply does not want to allow the download, you will not see the button. In this case, you could use one of the third-party download sites like KeepVid: paste the URL and click Download.