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How to download free mp3 music

download free mp3 music

Download free music on your computer to listen to it at any time. If you want to download a song in mp3 format to turn it into your phone's ringtone, you've come to the right place. By following this guide you will be able to download free music online as an MP3 music file to create your own playlist and listen to it at any time.

Download free MP3 music

The solution I want to offer you among the best of those found on the web, with a virtually unlimited archive of Italian and foreign songs. I'm talking aboutMp3Juices,a search engine of free Mp3 music, essential in the interface but effective in the search results. Enter yours search query, choose the sources to search for and click on the button. The search for your piece of music takes a very short time (if all the sources are selected, it may take a little longer). As soon as the results corresponding to your search query are found, you will get a list of songs. That's all.

Alternatively, you can also paste a video URL and click the search button to convert the audio of a video into an mp3 audio format. Once you click on the search button, the video conversion to MP3. As soon as the song is converted, you will be able to download it to your computer.

WithMp3Juices you can use different search sources to find what you are looking for. You can only select one or all of the two available sources that are Youtube e SoundCloud.

Download free music with Mp3Juices

Open the browser on your computer and download free music for as long as you want with just one click. From the search bar go to and the page you see below will open.

mp3 download juice

Before doing any research, you need to select the sources to use to get the desired results. By default the two available resources that are Youtube and SoundCloud are activated. You can decide to deselect one of the two by clicking on the corresponding button (yes gray) that you find under the search bar. You can leave everything as you want more chances to find the song you are looking for.

select mp3 juice sources

To deselect the source you are not interested in, click on the corresponding button. As you can see above, only the Youtube source has been activated and the Soundcloud source has been deselected. This means that your track that you enter in the search bar will be searched only on the activated source. If the song is not found, try selecting the other source as well.

How to search for the MP3 track to download

To select a song, write the title in the search bar, or write the name of the singer so that the songs of that singer will appear.

search mp3juice songs

Once you click on the song you are interested in and on the search lens, the song is shown in its two options, download and Play. Now click on the button to the right of the chosen song.

How to download the free MP3 song

After clicking on the Download / Play button, the chosen song to be downloaded from the Youtube source is ready to be converted from Youtube to MP3 or to download it in MP4 format or simply be listened to. The different choices you can see from the next image.

download mp3 from mp3juice

If you click on the button Download MP3, a window will appear showing: Success! "The download is ready. Click on "enter"To start the download". Now Click on the ENTER button to download the music track.

mp3 download

The music in MP3 format will be downloaded to the folder Download of your computer.

How to download the free MP4 video

If you want to download the file in the MP4 format, which would be the video format of the song, click on the button MP4 Download and then on the red button Download MP4 and the download of the video file starts automatically.

mp4 video download

If instead you click on Play, not only can you hear the chosen song, but you can also watch the video that starts automatically.

Mp3Juices I consider it one of the best services to download free mp3 music on your computer. Moreover, completely free and you can get any mp3 song with just a few clicks.

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