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HealthKit: Apple and Fda for new product development

The report of the Cupertino-US meeting contains important information on the future direction of the iPhone's home. Wearable and Healthbook are at the center

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<p>That some Apple executives met with representatives from <strong>Food and Drugs Administration</strong> (the US government agency that deals with regulating food and pharmaceutical products) was well known. An official calendar of months ago included the meeting between the leaders of the two organizations, with the subject <strong>mobile health</strong>. Three months later we can also learn more about the meeting thanks to the request that Apple Toolbox made directly to the government according to the dictates of the Freedom of Information Act.</p>
<p>The answer that the FDA provided includes interesting ideas that indicate the <strong>future of the company</strong> of Cupertino for what concerns the wearable ambit (read: iWatch). In particular, Apple's interest would have focused on <strong>medical sensors</strong>. According to one of the key steps of the meeting: <em>There are already different types of sensors on medical equipment. Apple on the other hand has cameras and accelerometers, with plenty of room to innovate in this field. And Apple wants to be sure of sharing the same vision as the FDA</em>.</p><div class=

Up what the Fda considers a medical device (and therefore under its jurisdiction) there is an illuminating example: For example, an app that uses a glucometer to provide information on blood glucose levels would be considered diagnostic, and therefore medical. The sensor in s would therefore be assessed not so much the app that uses it and the purpose for which app and device are advertised. As in the case of HealthKit.

To try to stay on the same page, Apple will work side by side with the FDA in the development of its future products. The more the administration is kept up to date in a timely manner, the less Apple will have to worry about being caught off guard when a new device is released.


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