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Happn, the app to find lightning strikes

No more announcements on the free press: now there is an app to find the cute young man who smiled at the tram stop on Monday at 18:02

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<p>How many times, on the street or in the subway, <strong>we met a glance or a smile</strong> What made our heart rate accelerate suddenly? How many times has that fleeting visual encounter had a sequel, how many remained just the feeling of a moment, leaving us with the regret of not having had the courage to dare? A new app, published in France, now seeks to <strong>help us find the people we meet</strong> during our journey in daily travel or walking through the center of a big city. It's called happn, and the first application dedicated to dating that is 100% mobile and <strong>uses geolocation in real time</strong>.</p>
<p>Co-founded by Didier Rappaport, Fabien Cohen and Antony Cohen, Happn requires a registration through its Facebook profile and consent to the use of the user's positioning, which however remains secret and is not memorized. When two happn users touch each other on the street or on the subway, <strong>their profiles appear on their smartphones</strong>.</p><div class=

Alternatively, the application allows you to browse all the happn users met during the day, helping us to find the look of someone we have crossed and that we would like to see again. A sort of small push for force the hand to fate, based on an operation that closely resembles that of applications like Tinder. Happn, in effect, an app based on reciprocity: when I like two users cross each other, a window allows a connection between them, automatically opening a chat. Everything that comes, from that moment on, at the discretion of the two protagonists.

According to the founders of the application, happn designed for ensuring user safety and their personal data. Geolocalizations are not stored, let alone shown to other subscribers, unless they cross paths. A special button also allows you to report abuses or inappropriate behavior by other users.

This is happn's presentation video, a free download for iOS and Android.


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