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Google, with Nearby you can share the location of your phone

The function will allow you to share the location of the smartphone with services and other devices, to give access to contextualized offers and much more

(Photo: shizhao / Flickr CC)(Photo: shizhao / Flickr CC)

There geolocation is about to enter a new phase. Facebook had already thought of taking a step in this direction by launching Nearby Friends, a service that can alert you if you have contacts nearby and keep friends up to date on your location. Now to work on something like this, Google thinks of integrate positioning sharing services advanced directly into the foundation of its Android operating system.

According to rumors gathered by Android Police, the function in question is called its own Nearby, like the one proposed by Mark Zuckerberg's team. As mentioned, however, the Mountain View game is played on a wider field: in the hands of the search giant, in fact, there is not a single app with specific functions, but an entire operating system installed in more than 8 out of 10 smartphones all over the world.

Nearby sar a function that can be activated at will on the Gmail account associated with the phone: turn it on give permission to microphone (?), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other peripherals (??) to collect the appropriate information to establish the location of the phone and your possible proximity to shops, points of interest and other phones (like those of your contacts). The smartphone can then perform certain actions upon the occurrence of particular circumstances that were previously difficult to keep under control. With the advent of wearable devices at the gates (and Android Wear at the forefront on this front) and Google's entry into the world of home automation, Nearby could be an important piece in the future of Mountain View services.


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