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Google to the rhythm of music, in negotiations for the purchase of Songza

The free streaming service is almost unknown in Italy, but has an effective algorithm and over 5 million subscribers

(Photo: Maurizio Pesce / Wired)(Photo: Maurizio Pesce / Wired)

Has Google set its sights on Songza? According to rumors reported by the New York Post it would seem so. An offer, that of Google, which would be around 15 million dollars, for a streaming music service that has gathered in six years of life more than 5 and a half million subscribers.

The peculiarity of Songza is that of automatically creating gods music mixes based on user activities and their moods. For example, do you need to relax after a day of work? Songza will choose for you the most famous pieces by Mozart and Beethoven; are you in the gym instead and do you need the right charge? Songza reproduces the entire soundtrack of Rocky. These playlists are created using both complex algorithmsand the personal choices of individual users.

Why would Google be interested in buying? The reasons could be more than one, such as the high number of subscribers and the intention to launch, in the near future, a streaming music service linked to YouTube. The app, meanwhile, one of the few that support Chromecast and lets you hear streaming music on your smartphone on the TV.


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