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Google Maps, here's how to use maps even offline

Short of Network? From now on, to view Google maps, an Internet connection will no longer be required thanks to the Offline mode


Everyone happened to find themselves without Mobile Internet and without Wi-Fi – maybe abroad, during a vacation. How to do then to reach that monument that you longed to visit, or that fish restaurant recommended by friends? No problem: Google Maps now also available offline. Here is a very simple tutorial on how to best use them without connectivity.

Our New York friend, Stephanie Buck, explains to us step by step in this series of screenshots how to get to the Empire State Building.

1) Look for the location (in this case the Empire State Building)

2) As soon as it appears, click on the footer and scroll it upwards

3) Scroll to the bottom, where you will find the Save Map option to use it offline

4) You should find one Confirmation of Saved Map at the top of the screen

5) Once offline, go to your profile and look at the saved maps

6) Voil – the game made.

We have used an iPhone 5, but we guarantee that with Android the same procedure.


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