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Google Fit will be the answer to HealthKit

The future of wearables is also based on fitness. That is why Google will not be able to help but respond to the Apple service presented in recent days

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<p>The symmetries between Google and Apple are getting more and more intricate. After Apple – which is completing its iWatch to be set against the watches that will be fitted with the Android Wear system – comes the news that Mountain View is also preparing a counter-move to one of the most recent news announced by Apple: HealthKit, the fitness platform unveiled on the occasion of the presentation of iOS 8, to which the research giant would like to respond with <strong>Google Fit</strong>.</p>
<p>The details of the platform are not clear, but with the imminent launch of the first devices with Android Wear and the annual conference dedicated to developers on the doorstep, it is likely that if something boils in the pot we will find out just at <strong>Google I / O</strong>of 25 and 26 June.</p><div class=


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