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Goodbye Mac The Knife

Goodbye Mac The Knife

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Goodbye to Mac The Knife. The popular column dedicated to rumors, one of the oldest on MacWeek, was canceled by the new editorial staff of the online magazine. This is confirmed by an article appearing on the American holiday of 4th July Stephen Beale director with an article in which the reasons for the decision are illustrated. oriented to rumors and more and more a soap opera with links to strange sites that had little or nothing to do with the Mac world ?. In addition to this, the world of Apple today is an increasingly less fertile ground for sites dedicated to indiscretions and therefore, between dedicating itself to creating a magazine that dug into the undeclared and one dedicated to making real information, MacWeek has chosen the second path. In compliance with this new philosophy, Beale closes its article urging all companies that deal with Mac to provide them with no fear of seeing them revealed to the public, their projects and secret products. "In the past we have hardly ever signed any NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement), but now we will do it – says Beale – who will go to our offices carrying with us prototypes and beta versions, you can be sure that you will only receive advice from us and not articles that could be harmful for their impact on the market ". Also this would require the sacrifice of "Mac The Knife" Closing that to the ears of MacWeek readers, who in some cases had a real idolatry for the cryptic style but also for the undoubted ability to anticipate times and products of Mac The Knife, played as a sort of mockery added to the damage, at least judging from the comments that appear at the bottom of the article. It goes from the cruelty to the insult limit (and some posts have been removed because they are offensive), to considerations on the actual quality of MacWeek content put like a collector of press releases. Many, perhaps not going far from the truth, hypothesize that Mac The Knife has been eliminated to please the many realities of the industry that increasingly fear the sites devoted to indiscretions, among these also Apple.Mac The Knife, whose author was always anonymous, was one of the older columns of the current MacWeek. Published the first time on the now-disappeared paper edition, the magazine had made its last appearance in early April, revealing that Jobs would not hold the Internet World keynote and that Apple was preparing a 2.0 version of iMovie.

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