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Game Boy Android emulator: the best to install

Have you lived your childhood or youth together with a Game Boy model, becoming fond of games like Pokmon, Mario Bros and Zelda? Today you can savor those years using your faithful Android smartphone. In this guide I will show you how to download aGame Boy Android emulator suitable for the type of console you intend to emulate.

Game Boy and Game Boy Color were portable consoles that started it all. Their version showed that you could have well-made games that fit your pocket. The handheld game consoles have evolved a lot since then, but there are many who still enjoy the classics. Let's take a look at the best Game Boy emulators, Game Boy Color emulators and Game Boy Advanced emulators for Android.

Many also offer direct links to games, so as to avoid having to search and download them for the network. If you are also a fan of Game Boy games on your Android phone, continue reading this guide.

Note: even though they may look like old consoles, they are still protected by copyright. Use this guide only for academic purposes. The site is not responsible for the improper use of this guide.

Game Boy Android emulator

My Boy! Free

Game Boy Android emulator

If you are looking for a good Game Boy Android emulator (Advance) or a Game Boy Color emulator, you can try the app My Boy Free. This emulator is characterized by its extremely fast emulation of the titles for these two consoles, also offering good control on the tounch screen. This app allows you to emulate virtually any ROM that came out of the era, as well as offering the ability to use tricks and shortcuts.

You can download My Boy! Free from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |My Boy! Free

GemBoy! GBC Emulator

Game Boy Android emulator

Are you fond of the old Game Boy Color, one of the pillars of the portable consoles of the time? You can only emulate this type of console with the free GemBoy app! GBC Emulator. This app allows you to emulate the ROMs dedicated to this console with excellent fluidity and good gameplay, without compromising the emulation experience too much. Not like having a real Game Boy Color, but the game experience is very similar. So if you have ROMs for this console, don't wait and play on your smartphone.

You can download GemBoy! GBC Emulator free of charge from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |GemBoy! GBC Emulator

A.D – Gameboy Color Emulator

AD Emulator

AD Gameboy Color Emulator one of the oldest Game Boy emulators. It has many desirable features, including high compatibility, fast forwarding, save and load statuses and customizable skins. This also includes successful packages, a personal profile and more. Unfortunately, this is still quite old without recent updates. Therefore, we only recommend it for older devices where new Game Boy emulators give you problems. Otherwise, we recommend using one of the other emulators. At least, relatively cheap at $ 3.99.

DOWNLOAD |AD Gameboy Color Emulator


gba emu

GBA.emu a Game Boy Android emulator by Robert Broglia. Comes with all the features you would expect. It includes quick saves, BIOS emulation, cheat support, hardware controller support and even cheat codes. compatible with most of the gaming ROMs we've tested. You can play without a hitch. There is also cross-platform support with its PC version. This means you can play almost anywhere. There is no free version to test. You will need to test it within the repayment period to make sure it works on your device.


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