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Forgotten password Windows 10: how to enter the PC and retrieve it

Forgotten computer password

There is nothing worse than finding yourself in front of your home PC, or worse in front of the office PC and finding that you have forgotten your password. If this happened to you too, not all is lost: you just need to use a simple procedure or some applications that can do yourecover the forgotten passwordon Windows 10 in a few simple clicks, so you can take over your data again. The advice to keep this guide handy; you never know when it will be useful in the future!

Forgot password Windows 10: how to recover it

The methods to recover the password in Windows 10 are different and here we propose three in particular. The first, which uses the Windows 10 DVD or boot key. The second one uses the Microsoft account and the third one that uses some third-party programs.

Recover forgotten password without boot programs or disks

If you have Windows 10 you can "recover" access to your PC without having to use any program or boot disk, you just need to have the Windows 10 installation DVD at hand. Not sure where to recover the Windows 10 disk? Visit the following link and download the image in ISO format, to be burned on a blank DVD. Download the right format based on the system you have: if you have Home download the Home version, if you have Professional download the Professional version.

LINK | Download Windows 10

If you do not have a DVD available you can use a USB stick; the right program for this operation Rufus, downloadable at the following link.


Once you have created the DVD or the USB stick with the Windows 10 installation files, connect it to the PC on which you have forgotten the password; make sure you start the DVD or USB and not the actual operating system (usually just press F8 repeatedly, or access the BIOS by repeatedly pressing CANC before starting the operating system).

As soon as you have reached the first disk setup screen, do not press Come on but press on the keyboard SHIFT + F10.

You will see the command prompt appear on the screen, the advanced tool we will use to recover a forgotten password.Windows Prompt

Now you will be replacing the Windows 10 easy access system with the prompt itself, so as to have a very useful tool for recovering access to your PC at the next system startup. Type the following commands inside the prompt (run them one at a time, then press Enter or Enter to confirm them).

copy d:windowssystem32utilman.exe d:
 copy /y d:windowssystem32cmd.exe d:windowssystem32utilman.exe

Once finished restart the PC with the reset button on your case or turn it off and turn it back on with the power button. Make sure you remove the DVD disc or USB stick so that you can access the actual operating system.

Arrived at the password request screen (which we do not remember!) Click at the bottom left on the symbol for easier access.easy access Windows

The access tools will no longer open but the command prompt will open again! Within this prompt you can now create a new administrator account(without password) with which to recover access to your PC and your files. Type the following commands at the prompt:

net user {user_name} /add
 net localgroup administrators {user_name} /add

Instead of {user_name} enter a name for the account, for example Pippo.

net user Pippo /add
 net localgroup administrators Pippo /add

Close the command prompt now and restart. At the next reboot you will also find Pippo installed as a PC administrator user, thus recovering access to your computer. Recover the old account now a walk! Right click on the START button and click on Computer Management.Computer Management

Get in the section now Local users and groups -> Users. You will find all the accounts on the PC; right-click on the blocked account and click on Password Setup.Password setting

Now reset a new password and finally recover access to your old account. At this point, for security reasons, I advise you to restore the "original" facilitated access to the Windows login screen. To do this, start again from the Windows 10 DVD as you did before and access the command prompt; done there, type in the following command:

copy /y d:utilman.exe d:windowssystem32utilman.exe

Recover password computer with Microsoft account

If you have access to Windows 10 through the Microsoft account (online account) the recovery procedure can be performed online by changing the password for access to Microsoft services. Open the following link to start the recovery process.

LINK | Microsoft account recovery

A window similar to the following will appear.password recovery with Windows account

Put a check mark on I forgot the password and click on Come on. Enter the Microsoft account email address and confirmation characters in the next screen.Windows account recoveryNow click on Next. Microsoft will ask you where to send the security code; choose one of the pre-set methods (secondary email or SMS). Now use the code to log in and choose a new password for your online account. As soon as you have completed the procedure your PC will be accessible again, just put the new password created!

NOTE: the PC must still be connected to the Internet in order to receive the changes from the online account!

If you have forgotten the password of your PC, then I suggest you also read this guide:

LINK Unrecognized Windows 10 Password. What to do?

Recover computer password forgotten with programs

There are so many programs with which to recover the forgotten computer password. Their simple operation: you will need to create a boot disk on a CD or DVD and start it before the operating system. Once inside the boot disk environment, follow the described procedure to recover the lost password or delete it from the selected account.

The best programs to recover forgotten computer password are the following: