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For the dolphin, a Mac heart?

For the dolphin, a Mac heart?

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As our readers will remember, in the past Macity has never been deceived about the rumors regarding Nintendo's next console, in fact skepticism had reigned, especially after rumors of relations intensified with IBM to supply the PowerPCs that would be the heart of the system that will have to challenge Sony's PSX2 and Microsoft's X-Box (if ever the soap bubble will materialize in something real). Now Nintendo Project resumes the topic, informing us that some specimens are being tested but the new news is that "Mac nature bursts with all the pores". It will be that the Gekko processor, which would equip these consoles, is a very close relative of the PPC used on some Mac models and it will be that ATI has studied the part of the graphics card, but so is the reaction of these beta enthusiasts tester, in short the system would remember a lot of many features of the Macintosh … we'll see. When?

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