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Facebook updates the Android app

With an eye on developing countries, the Android app of the blue social network now consumes less data and memory

(Photo: Getty Images)(Photo: Getty Images)

It's all part of the strategy of next billion, to provide the means for an online life even to those who still cannot afford them. for a long time that Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have embraced this creed, e the new update of the app for Android aimed precisely at making it easier to use the social network even in countries where Internet connection and smartphones are not goods to be taken for granted.

On the developer blog, it is emphasized how they were reduced loading times more than 50% on the cheapest and slowest devices, analyzing the bottlenecks in the start-up phase and solving them one by one. Me too'data usage, much more expensive in developing countries, has been optimized: first of all by changing the standard of image compression and the caching method, but also by instructing the devices to request only photos of resolution equal to that of the display.

Finally, progress has also been recorded in the app size, which now resides on Google Play servers in different versions depending on the type of smartphone that needs it.


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