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Facebook opens the election lounge and announces products for the March 4 election

Elections on March 4th people on Facebook will be able to see the Day of the Voting tool and, after the seats have been closed, follow the results of the scores.

Here comes the Facebook election Lounge, pfor the Elections on March 4th. The people up Facebook will be able to see the tool Voting Day and, after the seats have been closed, follow i Results from bare.

Facebook Election Lounge

In fact, the Rome was inaugurated today Facebook Election Lounge, a space entirely dedicated to the elections. Located in Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina, the Lounge will let you know and try the tools to support civic participation launched in recent weeks, follow the conversations on Facebook relating to the elections in real time and create fun and viral content in the original Instagram photo-boot set up for the occasion . There Facebook Election Lounge will be open to the public on Friday 2 and Saturday 3 March, from 10.30 to 19.30.

Facebook tools for the March 4 elections

Inside the Facebook Election Lounge it will also be possible to discover the new products that Facebook will launch on Election Day to support civic participation:Voting Day, which will appear at the top of people's News Feed on March 4 to remind them to vote. The tool will also allow access to information on how to vote and to share having voted.

facebook elections March 4th

Election Results, a tool that, after the seats have been closed, make it possible, thanks to the partnership with Ansa, to follow the results of the polls on Facebook as they are updated. These initiatives are added to what has already been done to facilitate the civic participation of people in Italy and their correct information during the electoral campaign.

Points of view: a tool available in the News Feed that allowed voters to compare the positions of the main political parties on key issues for the country. The information included in Viewpoints was provided by the political parties themselves, by filling in the Themes section within their Facebook Pages. The categories of the Themes section have been defined together with CENSIS, the main Italian socio-demographic research center, and the LUISS International Center on Democracy and Democratization.

Nominees: a tool that will appear in the News Feed of all Italians and will allow access to information on the new electoral system, on the programs of the different parties, on the events planned during the electoral campaign, on the candidates in their own constituency, with which it will be possible to get in touch direct, and on their respective positions on some main themes.

Facebook Live with Ansa: a series of interviews, live on Ansa's Facebook page, to the leaders of the main political parties and movements created by ANSA journalists, which allowed people to interact, ask questions and comment live.

Results of the elections March 4