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Facebook Apply for the tool to prepare for elections on social media

In the coming days, a tool will be available on Facebook for information on the candidates of their own college, the programs of the various parties and on the new voting methods

To get prepared for the March 4 Election, Facebook launches Candidates in Italy, a tool designed to help people find out about the elections, with the possibility of accessing detailed information on their college by entering their address. People will have full control over their own experience and, for example, as regards the address, they will be able to decide not to include it or, once they have discovered who their local candidates are, decide to modify or remove it.

Facebook Candidates

On the day of the elections on the doorstep and Facebook shows its commitment to help people have access to reliable information on the platform to prepare for the March 4 vote, to choose their candidates through Facebook.

As part of the constant commitment to support an informed and civically involved community, after introducing Points of View, Facebook presents Candidates, a tool that will appear in the coming days in the People's News Feed and allow discover the candidates of their own constituency in the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies and their positions on relevant topics, follow them on Facebook, as well as find information on the new voting methods and programs of the various political parties and movements.

Facebook Apply in the feed

Candidates will be shown once every two days in the News Feed of people who use Facebook in Italy and will still be accessible, until Election Day, thanks to a bookmark in the margin of their News Section.

The first time people will go to Facebook Candidates they will be asked to insert, in a totally optional way, the address of residence in order to have access to detailed information about the candidates of their own electoral college. All candidates for the Senate or Chamber of Deputies will be listed in random order and people will be able to read and compare their positions on the most relevant topics and find out about the planned election campaign events.

Facebook Candidates: an incentive for politics

You can also find the Facebook Candidates tool clinking to the Facebook pages and profiles of individual candidates and parties and movements, to be able to follow them on Facebook and have even more information.

Facebook explains the elections

Finally, to deepen the requirements to vote and better understand the new Italian electoral law, people will be able to view, directly from the Candidates, the official video tutorial on the new voting methods, carried out by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of the Interior, part of the broader institutional communication campaign dedicated to the 2018 political elections.

Facebook takes the field for the political elections

Facebook's commitment to encouraging debate and civic participation does not end there. Election day, Sunday 4 March, people will see, at the top of the News Feed, an additional tool that will provide them with detailed information on how and where to vote, as well as giving the possibility to share on Facebook of having voted. And on election night, after the polls close, the results of the polls will be visible on Facebook as they are updated.

facebook candidates candidates