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Even in Europe the car DVD with iPod interface

Clarion's audio / video system capable of integrating iPod arriver into Europe on board. To publicly anticipate the availability for the market of the old continent of the solution called VRX755VD, the Mercury News in a brief but juicy, for the content, news of a couple of days ago.

According to the online edition of the Silicon Valley newspaper, Clarion decided to take it outside the US, where the VRX755VD was initially to be marketed, the product that actually made a DVD player with a 7-inch screen with an iPod interface. When the digital music player is connected to the plug, the DVD display shows information about the tracks being played and allows, at the touch of a finger, to also control iPod by selecting tracks and playlists.

The VRX755VD does not have a fixed price yet. What I notice is that Clarion intends to sell it both as an after market product, and therefore as an accessory that can be purchased separately, and to find agreements with car manufacturers that can integrate it directly into the standard equipment (or upon request) of their cars.

The system should be marketed, we learn from the Mercury News, by the middle of next year.