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Creating your website is now easier and faster with IM Creator

Creating a website has become an inseparable part of any business venture. a complete representation of your business that gives a general idea to the people connected with you. Therefore, you must definitely put the utmost effort into designing a website. Previously, creating a website, designing it and organizing it was a difficult task. It was a process of confusion and contained many complex technical aspects. But now you can eliminate all the obstacles and easily create your website with an online tool called IMCreator; which radically cut the ongoing complications.

IMCreator aims to make the website a simple and fun experience, accessible to all. "A user-friendly interface makes it easy for everyone to design their own website. IMCreator contains an understandable visual editor that allows you to drag, stretch, resize and reposition any page element with just a few clicks of the mouse. Even the best key for anyone looking to strengthen its charisma on the web as it also includes web hosting.

IMCreator has blocked all the features under the hood that underline their main objective, namely to allow people to design, customize and publish a new website. The features are listed below that will give you a better idea of ??this extraordinary tool.

  • Drag and drop the functionality to change the website content with ease
  • Gorgeous themes
  • Reactive search engine
  • Unlimited web hosting availability
  • Web standards available for previous browsers
  • Acquiescent for mobile devices
  • Automatic cropping and resizing of images and text
  • Personalized email services with Google Apps
  • An effortless talent to overlap different rudiments of the website

Beautiful models:

Several redesigned models of IMCreator are available for you to choose and then modify them yourself. The models are designed according to individual needs. Separate templates are available based on the category your website is in. It includes separate designs for photo websites, artists' websites, restaurants, real estate, hotels, schools and universities, private organizations, and more.

IMCreator has worked with several leading designers to design these templates for your website, so there is nothing that can make you complain about the quality of the designs. There are also designs optimized for viewing on smartphones and tablets, another advantage. And yet, if you don't want to leave the stone unfinished and design the model. IMCreator also allows you to start with a blank page. But using a much simpler pre-designed model.

Drag and drop:

IMCreator allows you to drag and drop each element of the web page to create your custom design. The completely visual site editor makes the path problem-free. Other elements such as text and images can also be resized and cropped. The process is quite simple and analogous to that of the word MS. All you need to do is click on the edges and drag them to resize them to make them appear in accordance with the website. What will impress you most is the availability of automatic cropping and resizing to fit the size. You can also stack items on top of each other. This means that you can now place a text box on top of the image and give your website a new look. You can also easily insert the HTML code from a third-party service, for example you can enable ads by linking to an advertising network. The mechanism as usual; just copy the code and paste it into the HTML box and put it live on your website. Other available web elements are paragraphs, videos, galleries, presentations, contact forms, menus and submenus.

Free to use:

The free option also available with IMCreator for those who wish to test IMCreator before choosing it. more like a test plan. The free plan includes a subdomain that is structured as The free plan allows you to host 50 MB of hosting, but what surely raises your eyebrows allowing unlimited use of completely free models.

Unlimited hosting:

The free account is a useful option to try the tool and decide priorities, but as usual, most of you will be interested in the premium account. The tool is pretty awesome to leave you hit. You can get a premium account at a very low cost, or $ 5, 95 a year if you choose a three-year plan. This is much lower than other websites that do not even provide all of these features.

The premium plan allows you to use your domain. Open your horizons with unlimited hosting. It also provides 10 e-mail addresses that can be used to allow people to connect with various sectors of their business or at their own convenience.

Innovative themes:

As we have already told you, there are several pre-designed models available. But IMCreator is not in the right mood to let you have something less and so you are upset with the latest themes that can give your website a new look. IMCreator, just like a clothing brand, publishes its set of seasonal themes twice a year based on styles and trends around the world. This will surely make your website nothing but better.

Support team:

IMCreator has a substantial support section for their instrument. They have a great "how-to" section with different forums and frequently asked questions. Additional guides and information are available to solve all your problems. Along with this, there is also a standard email support. All you need to do is send an e-mail and the support team will reply within 12 hours. So the work of a robust support team simply perfect.

The final product:

IMCreator helps you design your website easily and in less time, with the help of its fantastic features and up to the most technical aspects. IMCreator easier and faster than all other tools. All functions are easy to use and work perfectly without problems. The elements of the website are simple but efficient. The refined but convenient visual style. The models are chic and elegant with an urban look. Therefore, IMCreator is a perfect tool, without complications, without blocks and completely free of technical complications.

IMCreator's premium plan allows you to use your domain name with a single website. Therefore, to use other websites, you can upgrade to a professional plan available at various prices. The price is flexible and very affordable. This is the strong point of IMCreator. Despite providing such ease of use and an incredible set of features, it has a very affordable price.

So, the bottom line of the free IMCreator website builder is that, a mandatory product for you, if you want to create your website without being hit in any kind of complicated processes.

Here is a short video showing how the IM creator works,