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CES 2016, all Surface clones

The trend was already emerging, but the CES confirmed it: the tablet that turns into a laptop without commitment. Here are the most interesting

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The convertible tablets certainly did not bring them to Microsoft success, but with the Surface series the Redmond house had the audacity to dare something more: compress a first-class hardware and a completely operational system in a tablet of a few millimeters thick functional, relegating keyboard and nib to cover and optional accessory.

The formula was intriguing, but then – it was 2012 – balancing power, autonomy and size of such a product could be considered an almost impossible mission: the same Microsoft took a couple of years to get the formula right. In 2015 the arrival of the last Intel processors finally decreed that the time for the explosion of these hybrid products could be considered unnecessary, and the CES of this year confirmed it: all the producers want a clone of the Surface in the portfolio and the mission of Microsoft – that with its hybrid has always and only wanted to choose its partners to build the road to follow – can be said to be successful.

In the gallery the most interesting products we have seen so far.


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