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Bugs for breakfast

Bugs for breakfast

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Eating beetles seems to be a very popular practice in some environments that we could kindly call "alternative". According to those who practice entomophagy, the recipes based on insects, once the inevitable disgust is overcome, are nutritious and even beneficial. In this regard, some websites have also arisen that present recipes and advantages of entomophagy, including the more well-known, but the pages of universities and institutes also prove that the thing is serious and the dishes based on insects can have a future. of American research. What entomophagy has to do with the Mac, you may ask. C'entra, c'entra.In fact, the next MacWorld Expo could also become known for being the first computer fair to present an exhibition of insect eaters. To suffer the punishment, because here we are dealing with punishment given that the gourmet in question had no intention of trying the delights of this innovative cuisine, will be Jason Whong, former head of Ambrosia Software. The incautious Whong had in fact declared that he would have eaten some spoonfuls of bugs (bugs in English) if in the software of the company that produces games and software utilities some defect had been found (always bugs in the computer language). Since this was the case now, Whong, who ironically is no longer even responsible for Ambrosia, will respect the promise. The sessions will be multiple and will be held every day from 2 to 2.30 pm at the 3dfx stand. If anyone thinks that this has anything to do with the launch of the Voodoo 5 cards, perhaps it is not wrong?.

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