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Apple to attack: news on the cube and the new G4!

Apple on the attack: news on the cube and on the new G4!

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What you wouldn't do for a click a pi … We are witnessing the classic pre-keynote show. Whenever an important presentation of new products is approaching, the "rumors" sites are unleashed when they publish photos, more or less schematic drawings and configurations snatched from some Apple employee more or less unfaithful. But why does Apple take so much time? The MacWorld and the related presentation of Steve Jobs are a very important event for Cupertino: the success of the conference is measured in connected users, by clicking on the site where to launch the presentation in QuickTime streaming and everything goes as always reported as a new success towards of competitors. On the other hand, sites such as Apple Insider, Macintouch and some other minor sites or copies of these hope, in publishing photos or early reports to earn a few more clicks for their banners. Apple obviously wants to manage the surprise effect on its products also because this corresponds to well-defined marketing strategies, studied for a long time and protected by strict internal rules to avoid the spread of the news leak. This game is now becoming a standard of the pre-expo periods and the user must hunt down pages on rumors sites before Apple can delete them. This time, even MacInTou seriously ch (maybe he had really hit the mark!) who removed the news from his site but also replied in kind through his lawyer at Apple's legal action. So much noise for nothing? It will be enough to have patience only for a few hours … The Keynote is not so far away. Let us limit ourselves to making some hypotheses: certainties will arrive on the 19th.

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