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Apple, the next iPad will be a mini Pro

The model that will be presented in March will be a smaller version of the current tablet designed for professionals, with a keyboard and a pen holder

(Photo: Apple)(Photo: Apple)

The next tablet presented by Apple will not be a classic iPad, but one reduced version of the Pro model launched in September last year. This is revealed by some leaked rumors just over two weeks after the official presentation, which according to the latest rumors should to be held on March 21st(instead of the 15 as previously hypothesized). Based on the new conclusion there is the fact that Apple would have asked its employees to keep themselves free from 21 to 23 March pending further instructions: the launch of the new products could therefore have been fixed for Tuesday 22, the week following what was previously expected.

Other rumors had already revealed that the incoming tablet would boast features similar to that of the company's current flagship proposal, such as the four front speakers, support for the Smart Keyboard and the display compatible with the Apple Pencil. In recent days, for confirmation arrived: the new iPad, despite the size of the 9.7 inch display, not being part of the Air family but will be marketed as a compact edition of the iPad Pro, complete with an accessory keyboard adapted to the new dimensions.

Even the internal components they will be identical to those of the 12.9-inch brother, and will include the same A9X processor and the same 4 GB of RAM. Only the price should adapt to the band currently being manned by iPad Air 3, but to confirm this last detail, we will have to wait for the end of March event.


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