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Apple promotes Office on iPad Pro, that's why

During the purchase of the new iPad Pro the Cupertino company proposes a subscription to the products of the bitter rivals. But it makes sense

The new 9.7-inch iPad Pro

During the presentation of the new iPad Pro, Tim Cook had suggested that the Apple tablet could have been the advent of a new era for the vast audience of people with a Windows PC 5 years old around the house.

Then the move of the Cupertino company, which in the purchase phase of the tablet, has introduced an option to activate a subscription to its own production suite of Redmond, Office 365 adversaries. In fact, Apple itself has its own package. to manage documents and spreadsheets, iWorks: why give all this dangerous competition space?

(Photo: Apple)(Photo: Apple)

Positioning Microsoft's offer in plain sight has a particular sense to look for precisely in Tim Cook's words pronounced during the presentation last Monday. To convince users of those 600 million obsolete PCs to switch to iPad, it is necessary to offer them an environment with family characteristics, and from the point of view of productivity there is nothing more universally adopted than the Office suite: a brand that can convince many to make the leap towards a device that now also officially has a keyboard. If this means making them give up iWork, patience.

In any case, the buyers of iPad Pro in its compact version can easily avoid buying a subscription: Microsoft offers free use of its suite on all devices with display diagonal less than 10 inches. Only those who intend to synchronize documents with other bulky gadgets will then have to evaluate the purchase.


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