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Apple music prices, EU survey

Apple ends up being targeted by the European Community. To arouse the attention of the EU the commercial practices that Cupertino is following for the iTunes Music Store, in particular the price policy, different in Great Britain compared to the rest of Europe. According to what was learned yesterday in the evening, the government of the Old Continent would have opened a preliminary investigation inviting "Apple * told a spokesman * to provide information on the choice to practice a price differentiation in member countries".

The investigation was aroused, it is learned from some news agencies, from the British consumer association "Which?" According to which Apple breaks free market rules, forcing a potential British user to pay 79 penny songs, equal to 1.15 euro cents when elsewhere inside the EU the same songs are paid 99 euro cents. The concerns of Which? have been taken over by the British office for free competition and passed from this to the Union.

The consumer association welcomes the investigation, still at the preliminary stage, of the EU. "The digital music market must work like all other markets. We are for the free circulation of goods and services in Europe and will pursue every society that seeks to obtain a niche that contrasts with this principle for the benefit of its profit alone "

Which has indicated that in the coming days I will present your position directly in front of the EU, a step that will contribute to constitute a counterpart that today in the preliminary investigation does not exist yet.

Apple had already responded to the accusation of practicing a policy contrary to the spirit of the free movement of goods, arguing that prices are applied according to the economic model of each country and that the comparison must, therefore, be made with the services of the competition to the within the boundaries of each nation.