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Apple HealthKit and human data management

In Cupertino we bet: the system for collecting and analyzing health data is becoming a big business

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<p>We have already told you that Apple is hiring experts in medical applications. Then at the WorldWide Developers Conference the Cupertino top management have <strong>introduced iOS 8 with Health Kit</strong>, a system to collect, store, view and compare users' medical data via app.</p>
<p>The quantification of human data is becoming another big business: at Apple they understood it and try to get there first (but Samsung l) with a simple but comprehensive proposal. The Cupertino engineers explained to the developers how they can use their new feature to create apps<strong> </strong>connected to the world of health.<strong>There are many data to be collected</strong>, from birth dates to calories consumed, from blood pressure to exam monitoring. I'm <strong>information that comes directly from users</strong> and they will lend themselves to statistical analysis that Apple wants to become a basis for a new type of physical condition monitoring.</p><div class=

One of the delicate issues privacy: These are very sensitive data for our users, Apple developers were reminded of while providing demonstrations of HealthKit's potential. As a minimum in the apps will be necessary enter permit requests for every kind of information to collect, every time you do it.


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