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Apple buys 750 CX processors

Apple buys 750 CX processors

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The release of machines with the new IBM 750CX processors may be closer than expected. The consequent deduction from the news released by the EE Times, a site specializing in IT, which from the beginning of last month claimed that Apple had begun buying chips from Big Blue. If this were also the case, the release of new machines, presumably of a consumer category, with the new processors might not be far away and if the characteristics enunciated by the processor's EE Times corresponded to reality, there could be surprises even at the New York Expo. web page, in fact, the first processors sent to Apple would reach up to 550 MHz. This would mean that, despite the inferior performances (at the same speed of clock) compared to the current ones an iMac with speed from 500 and 550 MHz would allow to have available a better car than the current one and Apple to save on live costs. However, despite according to the benchmarks presented by IBM, in fact, a 750 CX at 550 MHz is slower than a 500 G3, configure the iMacs in a range that goes from 450 at 550 MHz could still be convenient compared to upgrading to 450 and 500 MHz for three reasons: iMacs would cost less than using an updated version a of the current G3s, they would have a better image on the market due to the higher speed and they would still be faster than the current ones with 350 and 400 Mhz processors. Now it remains to be seen if Apple really has the possibility of using processors already today in sufficient quantities to provide a machine that is very popular on the market. The impression that at the moment, in any case, the most probable hypothesis is that the first Macs to use the new processors could be the new series iBooks that can be thought to be released before late autumn, perhaps at the Apple Expo Parigi.I chips, code-named SideWinder, seem to be perfect for a machine that, like iBooks, does not focus on performance exasperation, has no direct competitors and needs low power consumption and cheap components. iMac, in turn, if it was significantly retouched from a hardware point of view, would still have room in consumer preferences even with an upgrade to 450 and 400 MHz with the old G3. At that point, to see the PPC 750 on the iMacs you would probably have to wait a new generation of both machines and processors. The CXe version, which should appear from January onwards, has all the numbers (including nominal power, since it will reach up to 750 MHz) in order to be the engine for an iMac of the year 2001. But even in this case it may not be iMac the first Apple computer to have the processor. Much more likely to be able to mount the 75O CXe may be the PB next year.

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