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Apple and the obsession with maps

Apple bought Spotsetter, a social and location-based search engine. Among the founders, Stephen Tse, a former Google Maps engineer

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Launched in 2012 at the AngelPads Spring 2012 and now bought by Apple,Spotsetter a social search engine that uses big data to offer users personalized advice on places. Apple has bought it, even six terms of the agreement have not yet been revealed.

We can at least hypothesize that the objective of Spotsetter's acquisition is tohelp Apple bridge the gapthat, at least in the functionality related to the maps, divides it from Google.

But so exactly Spotsetter and why is it so interesting for Apple?

The application – now offline – allowed you to search for any place (venue – address), even by category or keyword, to then obtain related custom resultsYou could view friends' comments, comments from friends recognized as experts in a particular area, and tag them as experts in a particular category to influence recommendations. Spotsetter also allowed you to discover new places by looking at the map and the comments / contents released by our contacts.

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In essence, Spotsetter was configured as social search engine whose results were returned with an interface based on geographic maps. In many they have it compared to Foursquareand not wrongly. The big difference of Spotsetter for enclosed in the powerful aggregatorable to draw on many sources. Through the use of an algorithm, in fact, the system was able to aggregate a large amount of data: from the content published by users on the main social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare), up tohuge amount of reviews, tips, suggestions and recommendations of over 30 platforms including Yelp, Zagat, TripAdvisor and New York time.

Waiting to see their contribution directly on our iPhones, we also greet Spotsetter with the last message left by one of the founders on the blog:

Farewell and Thank You!

With fondest emotions, I'm annoying that we are closing down Spotsetter app. We still have great dreams for personalized search for places and look forward to seeing great progress in this area. Thank you for your support over the past years!



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