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App to create animated gifs on iPhone

animated gifs on the iPhone

Animated GIFs are very fun, but they are even more fun when you can create them yourself. Did you know that you can create your own GIF images animated with one of the many app to create animated gifs on iPhone, and then share them instantly?

Animated GIFs have become very popular in all social media and even on websites, read this guide on the top 5 sites for creating animated gifs online, but if you are not among those who can manually create an animated GIF, you can now download one of the many useful free applications to simplify the process and save time. Many applications also allow you to convert movies or use existing videos on the device to create GIFs. These will damage your opportunity to transform almost anything you want into the GIF format, from your holiday videos to your cat's videos.

Five apps to create animated gifs on iPhone

Here are five apps for creating animated gifs on iPhone, starting immediately with your iOS device to share them directly on social media.


If you want to get more than just creating animated GIFs, then you need to try the application Gifx, which not only allows you to apply more than 200 GIF effects to your photos and videos, but also allows you to add music, do various editing and adjustments (opacity, size, etc.). It also offers you the possibility of having up to 100 optional masks to use. At the end of the modifications, you can save the project in gif or movie format. Using an app option, you can share and show your latest creation to all your friends and relatives in seconds.Gifx

Use the very simple AppGifx:

  • Import photos or videos into the app.
  • Add gif effect to the photo or video you imported.
  • Add and customize a mask for the gif effect.
  • Add music to your project.
  • Save and share on social media.

Gifx really is one of the most creative apps for making GIFs and customizing them. Currently available only for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad and you can download it for free from the App Store.

Giphy Cam

Giphy the biggest search engine for GIFs on the internet, and now with an app called Giphy Cam, it is possible to start video up to the creation of GIF, just hold down the red button to record a GIF or, alternatively, import existing videos, photos, GIFs and even photos from the camera roll. The application also has some effects that can be applied with new filters that are added every week.Giphy CamAs if it weren't impressive enough, the application has other interesting accessories, stickers, text, frames and more that you can use to improve your GIFs. It is available for both iOS and Android devices. Once the project is complete, you can share the GIF on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, or save it in the Gallery.

Gifs Art

Gifs Art another creative and versatile GIF application that lets you import any media format (photos, videos, existing GIFs) to create custom GIFs. This powerful and complete animated GIF generator has its own library of built-in effects, masks, stickers and text that you can use to create your GIFs with a higher level.Gifs ArtLike many of the other applications on this list, Gifs Art also lets you capture images for your GIFs through the in-app camera if you prefer to do it this way. This app is only available for iOS devices and allows you to share your creations with your friends without ever leaving the application. When you have finished creating a GIF, you can export it directly to your Pics Art gallery so that it can also be seen by the community of millions of creatives.


If you are looking for a super simple application to create animated GIFs, GifLab known because it can offer one of the easiest ways to create GIFs from your videos. Even if not provided with many features like the other applications listed here, allow you to modify your image, set the speed of the GIF and add effects.GifLabIf you prefer a minimalist app with an app interface with only the essential features, you'll love this aspect with this app. GifLab is available only for iOS devices and has recently been paid at the price of 1.99.

Tumblr?s Built-In GIF Maker

Tumblr is one of the most used platforms for GIF enthusiasts and for this reason, it could not be missing a tool to create GIFs via its mobile application, so that users can create their own GIFs from videos or photos taken with the camera. If the intention is to share your GIFs on Tumblr, then you can also take advantage of this nice feature.Tumblr's Built-In GIF MakerOf course, Tumblr applications are free for both Android devices.

On this topic we have spoken in several articles, and if you are a fan of this topic, I suggest you also read how to create animated gifs with Photoshop.