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Android root permissions without PC: complete guide

Most of the guides you have read to obtain root permissions oblige you to use the PC and perform (in most cases) preliminary operations on recovery or bootloader, with the real risk of making mistakes and doing damage. Few know this but there are some app that let you get Android root permissions without PCinstalling them directly on the device. In this guide I will show you the best free apps that you can try to use to get root-free hypermessi without a PC on your Android device (be it a smartphone or a tablet). It should be noted that not all of these apps that we offer are compatible with all versions of Android phones, so they will have to be verified one at a time to find out which of the apps is compatible with your phone or tablet.

NOTICE: the apps for Android root without PC that we offer in this guide may in some cases irreversibly damage your smartphone or tablet, as well as void the warranty on some devices. The site assumes no responsibility for damage to things or persons resulting from the use of the material on this page.

Android root permissions without PC

Enable external APK installation

The apps that will advise you to get Android root permissions without a PC are (obviously) not on the Google Play Store; to be able to install them on the phone, I recommend that you first activate theUnknown originsfrom the security settings of your Android smartphone.Android root without PC

Now you just need to download the APK file from one of the apps below to get Android root permissions without a PC.


The first app you can try to get root permissions without PC KingoRoot. You can download this app for free from the following link using the web browser on your smartphone or tablet.


The app site will open; Scroll down to find the item Download for Android.root permissions without PC 6

By clicking on "Download for Android"The APK file of the app will be downloaded to the internal memory of the device. Now install the app (ignoring any security warnings), then start it and click on the button at the bottomOne Click Root.root permissions without PC 7

If your device is compatible with the root unlocking system offered by this app, the device will get root permissions without a PC after a few seconds. At the end I suggest you to restart to confirm the installation of the permissions.


Another app that you can try to get root permissions without a PC KingRoot, app that despite the strong resemblance to the previous app uses a different method to obtain root permissions. This app is available for free from the following link, which you can visit using the Web browser on your Android device (Google Chrome for example).


Open the site of the link above, scroll down the page and click on the green button "Download APK for Android ".app for Android 2 root

As already seen for the previous app, the APK file will be downloaded; install it on your device ignoring any warning window appears.

In some cases, Google's security system will prevent the app from running, but you'll just need to confirm it as the images below to easily install the new for Android root

As soon as the installation is completed, start the app and click on "Get now"To start installing root for Android 5 root

If your device is compatible, a completion bar similar to the one shown below will appear on the for Android root

At the end of the process, restart your Android device to get root-free hypermessi without a PC.

Verify root permissions

It may be that not all apps are compatible with your phone model, so I advise you to try them all if someone doesn't work. At the end, if you are not sure of the app if you have actually unlocked the root permissions on your Android phone, I suggest you check the root on the system by downloadingRoot Checker.

DOWNLOAD |Root Checker

app for root Android 8

Start this app to get immediate feedback on the actual presenting root permissions on your Android device rooted with the methods proposed in this guide.

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