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Amicomed, an app to keep blood pressure under control

The Italian app provides a quick and easy way to keep those at risk always informed of their conditions

(Photo: Quasarmed)(Photo: Quasarmed)

Italians hypertensive people: according to Istat and the Italian Society of arterial hypertension, approximately 10-15 million inhabitants in our country they suffer from this condition, and yet only 30% of them keep themselves under control. However, due to laziness or lack of means, it is a slice of the population that should not be underestimated: for this purpose it is born Amicomed Free, an app for iPhone and iPad (soon also for Android) designed as a gateway for a telemedicine service as easy to use as possible.

The free app contains practical information on the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases, and more monitors blood pressure both on the basis of the individual measurements you enter, and analyzing the path of the previous measurements in search of trends that could detect the onset of complications.


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