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After the Apple Store the Apple Shops?

After the Apple Store the Apple Shops?

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Could it be a chain of franchised stores one of the surprises that Jobs has in store for the next MacWorld Expo? The rumor that has been circulating for some time in recent days when a specialized newspaper, Design International Magazine, reported in a dedicated article to Marc Newson who the well-known Australian designer (but resident in England) under contract for the realization of the furnishing of Apple shops. If the news had a reply it would be the confirmation that actually in Cupertino, as some sites devoted to indiscretions claim, yes is planning to build a chain of sales outlets of Apple products controlled more or less directly by Apple itself. In essence, according to some rumors that were once fed also by the hiring of the manager of the organization of the Disney Stores, Jobs would have in mind to reproduce for the Mac the experience that has traced the commercial fortunes of other brands in other sectors realizing a worldwide chain of sales points stylistically similar to each other managed with the franchising formula. The placement, the furniture, the products for sale would be chosen directly by Apple, the management of the store would, instead, touch independent companies that would take care of the ordinary management of the store itself. One of the most interesting aspects emerged as an indiscretion to be confirmed in the past hours that the "Apple shops" would actually be extensions of the Apple Store. Customers entering the store would be able to try the machines and choose them on the spot but their order would be sent to the national Apple Store which would take care of the delivery. On the shelves, however, potential Mac customers would immediately find third-party products, utility software, games, applications and Apple merchandise available. In this way, Apple would achieve a triple result: it would strengthen its retail image (stores would be placed in large shopping centers and historic centers, and in any case in areas frequented by the city), would give new impetus to the Apple Store and provide its users with a reference point for the purchase of Mac products, often difficult to find in normal stores.

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