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Acer Predator 8, the test of the video gamer tablet

The tablet of the Taiwanese house dedicated to gamers. Behind the aggressive design for everyone hides a product

Price: 349 euros | Vote: 7,5 More information: Acer

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We had already seen it at the IFA in September and we were impressed. Now Acer Predator 8 in stores in its capacity astablet dedicated to gaming, efa therefore leverages performance and a multimedia sector that leave room for few compromises. There are not many products like Predator in circulation, but in this type of market a fierce competitor may suffice and in the case of the Chinese house is called Nvidia Shield Tablet.

The tamarro look we remembered well: the body of Predator 8 as far as you can imagine from the simple and linear design of normal tablets. Three colors blend to protect the tablet, with the logo of the series that stands out in a beautiful view on the back and chrome and brushed finishes to decorate a profile with aggressive lines. The tablet in any case robust and, despite the millimeters used by the gleanings and protuberances of the speakers, even compact. The side poros in plastic protectors also offer excellent grip on the tablet when it is held horizontally, that is in the way that Acer imagines it will be more congenial to its users.

(Photo: Lorenzo Longhitano)(Photo: Lorenzo Longhitano)

Under the body, the audio and video compartments are the ones that leave you satisfied. The screen a panel from 8 inches at a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixelswith vibrant colors and vivid contrasts. It is a display designed for indoor use, with maximum brightness that outdoors and under the sunlight could leave something to be desired, but in any other scenario it was suitable to enjoy movies and games in a very engaging way. The speakers are four, facing forward: the audio output is far more powerful than the competition can offer, perhaps not always very clean but not even distorted. Tacking with the different video profiles included in the apps pre-installed by Acer can help you calibrate the experience to the best according to what you are doing, so that the contents on Predator 8 are always enjoyable.

The merit also of the quad-core Intel Atom x7 Z8700 processor supported by 2 GB of RAM, which was pleasantly responsive in the graphical interface and capable of handling games with more complex graphics without any effort. Relegating this tablet to gaming would be a mistake, for two reasons. The first one that the same games are not predominant in the software offer included in the tablet: Asphalt 8 is the only noteworthy and pre-installed, while there are no titles or special features exclusive to the tablet, nor cloud gaming services like the one that can offer the competition of Nvidia. The second is that the high performance of which Predator 8 can boast are worth all-round: from web browsing to high-end multitasking, through high and very high definition video decoding and a very sensitive touch layer that accepts the input of very thin and precise objects such as pencils and nibs.

C 'for a defect that threatens to undermine the success of the Acer platform, and autonomy: the battery on board for just 4220 mAh and barely enough for a day of average use. Things start to get worse as soon as you press the accelerator on the games, which while never putting the system in crisis will quickly drain vital energy. In comparison, the other flaws of the tablet are negligible: it is not surprising that the 5 and 2 megapixel cameras are barely sufficient for a chat on Skype, nor that Acer has stuffed Android 5.1 with apps that are not as fundamental as the BYOC suite.

Predator 8 in short an excellent gadget from the living room alternative to the PC.The dimensions are perfect for enjoying any type of content, even while responding to a couple of emails thanks to multitasking windows side by side, but made to be used with a power outlet at your fingertips. Above all, and despite the design wanting to suggest the opposite, not just for playing video games. More than Predator 8 probably the Android world is not yet ripe for such a device, but so much: exploiting it only for shooters and racing games, perhaps alongside a generic product around the house, would be useless. Rather better to consider it a tablet all-rounder, especially considering that with a little patience you can already find at a price able to do so the best 8-inch tablets in circulation.

WiredTwo separate vibration motors give feedback in the (few) games that support them, like in a console controller.

TiredNo video output to connect the tablet to an external display.


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